Unable to find the following parts (windows)

Before I start, I am sorry that I am not good at English.

I need multimeter and probe.

So I found files in github (GitHub - fritzing/fritzing-parts: Electronic components for use in the Fritzing app (aka the parts library)).

I put files in core, svg\core\breadboard, svg\core\pcb, svg\core\schematic.

And I fixed code in bins/core

but it doesn’t work.

please help me…

What Fritzing version are you using? In 0.9.10 (the current version) the parts are in core parts:

if you are on an older version (or have modified core parts as it sounds like) you need to rebuild the parts database before it will take effect.

note on Windows you need to run Fritzing as administrator to update the database (which is stored in program files.)


It’s resolved.
Thank you for your information.