Unable to add external image on fritzing

How to add my pcb or external image on fritzing?

Not enough information here for a definitive reply. If you want to add an image (such as a logo) to silkscreen) select the image icon from pcb like this then click load image file

which will prompt you for the image file to load and load it. If you want a custom board shape you need to select the pcb (the grey rectangle) and then load a custom generated svg file (a search for “pcb slots” in the forums will locate previous discussions of the format) and again load image file like this:

Note that the svg has a variety of requirements and is fairly difficult to get correct.


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Can we add our project or component to the Fritzing Library? If yes, then please guide us in this regard. Is it open source, or do we have to pay to make our own circuit diagram on Fritzing?

@Diksha_choudhary Yes, it is possible and welcome to add and integrate new parts. But unfortunately it is also quite difficult. Beginners usually get stuck, and we end up with an open PR :worried: . I have to be quite picky about adding parts, because once the part is integrated, an error causes a magnitude more work to fix.

Just in case this is not clear: You actually don’t need to integrate parts into the main branch, you can just drag and drop them to the Fritzing application to use them.
The community here in the forum has created some great tutorials and videos on how to create parts for Fritzing.

We (Fritzing core team) have to prioritize our work. We integrate parts that are most requested by users and already very widespread, or simply fit with other goals like for example enabling the simulator.

Regarding the payment: We work with freelancers. So if someone is willing to pay for creating or integrating parts, I can often split the work or shift some tasks for this.