Ultrasonic sensor

I have a biomedical project and i have to use an ultrasonic sensor. Any ideas or suggestions ?

I think you need to elaborate a little bit… Are you building a project or just want to create a breadboard view…

I’m building a project

I think elaborate in this context is more along the lines of a datasheet for the ultrasonic sensor (which I assume isn’t one of the 40khz distance sensors but rather some medical device) and what it (and you) needs in terms of circuitry to drive it or what kind of output format (serial, spi, something else?) it has if it has internal drivers to produce its data. There isn’t enough information here to make any useful suggestion of where to start, although google for “fritzing part sensor_model_number” (where sensor_model_number is the model number of the device you want to use) is always the number one choice in case someone has already made a part.