Ultrasonic part wrong

I downloaded the latest version. It has the standard 4-pin ultrasonic detector, but the pins on the schematic and the pins on the breadboard have two pins swapped. Can somebody (like the original author) fix this?

A bit light on details. A little checking probably figured out that you downloaded the latest version of Fritzing (you could have been saying downloading the latest version of a Fritzing part). More details that would make it faster to see what you are saying, is that this is for the “HC-SR04 Sensor” in standard parts library, and that it is the GND and ECHO pins that are reversed in the schematic view. Shown by hovering over the pin labeled GND (4) on the schematic, and seeing the description that says “ECHO (3)”.

This is also one of the parts that is bigger in schematic view than it really should be.

Here is a downloadable replacement for the broken ultrasonic sensor part. This has been fixed, and cleaned up some, but it take longer (and more people involved) to get the changes moved into the part library. Among other things, i removed the “HC-SR04” text from the schematic view. As an alternative, the variant property is now “HC-SR04”, and I set it to (by default) show as part of the content for the part label, when that is displayed.

hcsr04-ultrasonic-sensor-board.fzpz (40.3 KB)