Two different colors for the pin's holes



First PCB Design and the hole’s pin color makes me some troible.

I’ve added a female pin header on the PCB, then duplicated it. All is right, but the hole pin’s color is note the same: green on one and red for the second one. (take a look at this screen shot

What does the hole pin’s color mean?

Thanks for your help


I believe this is a Fritzing bug. The green usually indicates a successful connection, but when the connections are all internal to a part (as they are in the top connector) it doesn’t turn green (but if you click on one of the pads they both turn yellow to indicate there is a connection present). The bottom connector has external connections to another component and thus is green. Note the bottom two pins on j2 here are connected but still red, as they are only an internal connection.

Left click and hold on any of the pads turns all connected pads yellow indicating the connections are correct (always a good thing to verify) even though the colors are not.



Thank you Peter, that’s very clear