TVX1V101MAD Electrolytic Capacitor, Axial Leads

I’m designing a 200mm x 100mm board that needs a 100uF, electrolytic capacitor with axial leads. I’m not finding a generic axial capacitor that can be modified with through hole lead spacing up to 40mm. I’ve chosen the Nichicon, TVX1V101MAD that has dimensions of 8mm diameter x 16mm length. The leads are 0.6mm diameter. I’d like to be able to set the through hole pad spacing around 35mm - 40mm. I realize I can just put down pads on the pc board, but it would be nice to have a generic axial lead, electrolytic cap with variable lead spacing with an outline and polarity indicator. There are smaller axial leaded electrolytic caps with smaller dimensions that would be good have in the selection criteria for Fritzing.

There doesn’t appear to be an axial electrolytic part so I made one. Pin spacing is 35mm (you can’t change pcb pin spacing in Fritzing it is fixed). Hole was left at 0.030 in like the original capacitor.

Electrolytic Capacitor-axial.fzpz (10.5 KB)


Peter…awesome! I’ve put the new part into my parts bin and placed the part onto my pc board. You mentioned that the hole size was kept at 0.030. Is this dimension in inches? If so, then it was be ok, but a close tolerance for the 0.60mm (0.024") lead diameter.
~ Jim J. ~

Yes the hole is 0.030 inches. I can increase it to 0.035 if you like.


The 0.030" hole diameter is fine. I checked some pcb hole clearance sources and for a 0.60mm (0.024") lead diameter, this will be fine. Thank you!