Tube amp project

Here is newest fritzing project-
While we were shut down last april- decided to buy Chifi tube amp project to pass time. Well, good is never good enough, so I added op amp bass/ treble tone control. But soon that wasnt enough, so I’m now putting finishing touches on new design PCB which will retrofit into existing enclosure. New design is based on acclaimed Audionote Brit design from 10 yrs ago.
Peter helped by adding 9 pin tube socket to fritzing parts, so big thanks to him.

I’m out of practice… wheres the attachment add icon??

Button row at the top of the text edit window. 7th icon from the left. Hover shows “upload”. You can also just drag and drop a file into the edit window.

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Is there an option in fritzing to leave a circuit line unmasked? I’d like to to add solder to high current lines for increased capacity.

No, there is no such option…
But, you can add resized “copper pad” on that particular trace…

To delete a Masking element, edit the GTS file. GIF video below shows doing it on the Top Right pad (I used bbEdit but, any text editor should work (be sure to use UTF-8 encoding). All I did was Delete the item from the file (then, un-deleted it). Save it to see the changes.

To delete a Masked Trace - there are none produced by Fritzing. However, you can add a graphic line to the GTS file if you play around with graphic software, the file… It’s about loading the GTS into software and drawing the line.

[EDIT] Of course, you can export an SVG/other and Edit it in your favorite Graphics program (draw a Line on the Mask svg where you want the masking…) If you load the mask layer and the copper layer, you can draw the line over the copper trace…

Thanks for responses-
Saw the ‘copper pad’ option in core parts. Also located PC line current calc I posted in ‘projects’. Discovered trace was wide enough, so didn’t need solder fill after all.

Manipulating the gerber ‘masking’ file is above my pay grade- lol :thinking: