TTP223B module alternative design

There is a common variant of this module (sold on popular e-commerce web sites) which looks like this:

I couldn’t find a part for it, so I made one (based on an existing TTP223B module which you have already). It’s attached [removed, superseded by microMerlin’s changes], with full details on my github:

The wires are connected in a different order to the original part, it looks very different, and it is a lot smaller, so I thought it might be worth including. License is CC-BY-SA 3.0 as per the original part I copied.

I found a few issue with your part. The biggest problem was that the breadboard svg did not contain the “breadboard” layer id specified in the part definition. That “appears” to work in Fritzing, but means that any export to an svg image excludes the graphics for the part. The breadboard svg also contained “px” units for font sizes, and the whole drawing was using dimensions in “px”. “px” (or other) units in the font sizes can cause the text to change size unexpectedly. It is technically valid SVG, but Fritzing does not handle it. “px” units for the drawing can cause the whole part to rescale when Fritzing attempts to “guess” how many pixels match to real world units (inches or mm).

The connector ids should start at 0, not at (0, 1, 2 instead of 8, 9, 10). The general rule for the schematic view, is to keep it small. Also use a minimal amount of text (other than pin numbers and labels), and keep the text fairly generic. Any properties of the part can be included in the part label, when wanted, but anything included directly in the part graphics can not be removed, so more flexible to leave optional text out.

The pcb graphics should have a silkscreen boarder, to show the area being taken up by the part on the pcb, and the size should match (close to) the physical part. The pcb svg drawing dimensions look like they were carried over from the original part.

Here is a version of the part with those changes, ‘optimized’ svg, and the variant property changed to “TTP223B”, so that it can be included in the part labels. I also changed the part label to the more generic and shorter “Sensor”. The label is what Fritzing uses as a “prefix”, adding numbers to the end when more than one part with the same label exists in a sketch.

The module id in this part is still the same, so any previous version will need to be removed from the parts bins before this one will load.

TTP223b_Capactitive_Touch_Sensor.fzpz (4.5 KB)

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Thank you very much for all of this!

The new part still works great for me in my design.

This is so superior to my original version that I’ve just removed the attachment from my first post. I will update my copy of the part in github to your version.