TTP223 Breakout board

I decided to reverse engineer a cheap TTP223 breakout board from China just because.

I had to create the TTP223 chip based on a generic SOT23-6 chip from the core parts. I didn’t make any changes to the svgs, I just relabelled the pins and descriptions. This means the schematic is incorrect.

My board is slightly smaller than the ones I have from China and the order of pins is not the same (China = Vss Out Vcc) (Mine = Vss Vcc Out)

Feel free to use the part or the entire project just note I did not fill in any of the resistor or capacitor values.

Jumper Settings:
AB=00:Non-Latching - High TTL level ouput;
AB=01:Latching - High TTL level ouput;
AB=10:Non-Latching - Low TTL level ouput;
AB=11:Latching - Low TTL level ouput;

The LED in on when the output is High.

Updated File. I noticed an unintentional trace.
TTP223_Breakout.fzz (21.8 KB)