Trouble with AND gate circuit

Hello, I’m new to Fritzing and was trying to build a very basic AND gate (SN74LVC1G08) to turn on an LED if two buttons are pressed down. The voltage and resistance is enough that the LED will turn on if it is wired without the AND gate, but when I try to use the AND gate with the buttons it will not turn on. Any guidance on what might be wrong with this? Thanks!

Battery: 3 V (but didn’t work with 4.8 or 9 V either)
Resistance: 33 Ohm

At a guess I would say no pull up resistors on the switches (or in this case pull down resistors as they would need to go to ground from pins 1 and 2.) Being CMOS it is possible the gate capacitance is keeping the level high even when the switch is released. Another possibility is that you have destroyed the device with the 9V battery (the max voltage is 6.5V) I would try 10K resistors to ground from pins 1 and 2 and see if that helps. For future reference it is better to upload the sketch (the .fzz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) to make the sketch easier to look over. Another good bet would be to connect the LED between power and ground and make sure it lights. Having the LED reversed will also make this not work. I am assuming you are trying a physical circuit, if you are trying simulation, that likely won’t work as there is likely no spice model for the and gate.


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Use the and gate from the SIM bin. That one has a spice model and can be used in the simulator.