Trouble getting blink to run

I believe have installed the Fritzing software correctly on my MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina v. 10.15.2. When I upload the built-in blink program I get the following error.avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding . Has anyone else run into this and what was your solution? Thanks for any assistance.

While I used to say that the code upload feature doesn’t work, someone else has made it work with the current Arduino IDE on Arch Linux. Out of the box, the code upload feature (at least on Windows on 0.9.3b and I don’t think anything changed in 0.9.4) doesn’t work. The necessary features were not in the Arduino IDE (they apparently are now) when 0.9.3b was released, and it looks like the released code may be slightly different than what Fritzing is expecting (although I haven’t yet had time to poke at this.) The work around is to do the upload from the Arduino IDE unfortunately.


I don’t use mac myself. I do know someone that uses it standalone with Arduino though. First checks: Can you upload the code with the base Arduino IDE? That not responding error looks familiar, if the port is not set correctly. I have not tried the code upload from Fritzing. Is there some place in there to specify the board and port? If not, those need to be set (should be one time, or until you use a different Arduino board) using the normal IDE.