Trouble creating new part with Inkscape (regarding text)

Hi everybody!

I am trying to create a new part using Inkscape… I am adding some text to my part, using the supported OCRA-font type which I installed in my computer.

I save the .svg as plan .svg but when I import this file in Fritzing, the letters are sourrounded by the frame of the text and I cannot see them… (I mean… the background is black and the letters are white, but when I import the .svg into Fritzing, the frame of the text turns white also and i see a white rectangle on a black background).

Any idea?

Thank you in advance!

Sounds strange. Can you upload your file to have a look?

do you have a screenshot perhaps?

Also the color of the silkscreen layer in the svg is black, according to the wiki, Maybe that’s what is causing the issue? And it is displayed as white in the pcb editor. once you produce the actual PCB then that layer is printed in any color you can order from the fab house.
White on most pcb’s
or Black on PCB’s with a White or Yellow soldermask

But in fritzing we are now supposed to use Black as Silkscreen color if i correctly understood the wiki.

Feel free so slap me over the head and prove me wrong . :slight_smile: