Tree of Ténéré 175,000 LEDs

There have been a few discussions about LEDs here in that past while and as some of you are aware I love LEDs. I thought I would share this amazing project with all of you. I am not involved in it but it is opensource. It has 175,000 Individually addressable LEDs in 25,000 Leaves. The trunk and bark is all hand sculpted and painted.

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thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:
i like it!!!
do you have a link / information on the ‘making off’ & used technics side of the story?

Unfortunately like many opensource projects it seems to be fragmented all over the place. The second video I posted has a general overview of the design process and the link at the bottom of my original post to their home page has some information as well. The software you can find on github. The one place I found had the most information is their crowd funding page.

Some great pictures of the construction and the hand sculpted bark.

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