Translating YouTube Videos


I haven’t seen English versions of the YouTube tutorial series. If they don’t exist yet, would it be possible to volunteer to help with this?


When I started 2 year ago there was only the FZ ones that use an out-of-date version, so it wasn’t good. I see now there is an 2015 Indian/English one that seams ok.

I kind-of knew how to make parts by GUI method, and there were no part making vids, so I make them. And I was thinking about doing a How to Use FZ set, but I just don’t know enough about using it.
I noticed that people get confused when working in 3 views at once so I was think of making a vid on what to watch out for, and what not to do, but that might not be good without a full series.
Then I was thinking of making rough draught vids and posting them here for other suggestions and corrections, and then redoing them again properly, but that is pretty involved and can be done better by someone that knows what they are doing.