Transfer circuits to protoboard

Hi, everyone I am trying to transfer the circuit # 1 to a protoboard model. I want to know if I am doing circuit # 2 correctly, please I need your help.

Note: In description I provided the circuit # 2 made in Fritzing

Circuit #2 Protoboard (Reference Fritzing)
Circuito en protoboard.fzz (23.1 KB)

Before anything else, there is a serious error in both drawings. As shown the switch will short circuit the batteries in one position. With LIPO batteries that is extremely dangerous and could result in an explosion. So do not try and actually implement either circuit as shown. Very likely the switch should not have a connection to ground, only to the positive wire of the battery.

Edit: Other than the battery problem (which wasn’t your fault), there are only two other errors. C3 has its polarity reversed and the connection from the corrected battery switch to the top power rail on the breadboard didn’t go anywhere (it is now correctly connected). In addition I changed the 7.4 V wires directly from the battery from red to orange to make them different than the 5V lines. The corrected sketch is here:

Circuito en protoboard_fixed.fzz (35.5 KB)



Many thanks for your time and explanation, I really appreciate this :slight_smile: I’m new to these issues and I experiment a little with everything hahahaha, I will take very into account the circuit you just modified, again thank you very much :slight_smile:

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