Tracks Colors in PCB view

Is it any way to change the colors of the tracks in PCB view? For example in order to use red for top copper and green for bottom copper?
I can’t find any setting for that, maybe I’m wrong…

It doesn’t look like the UI will allow you to do this, so you would need to change the source and recompile (a non trivial task) or request an enhancement to a future release in fritzing-app issues on github. If you do change them you will likely want to change the connect/no connect colors (which you can do from the UI) from red and green to something else to stand out from the trace colors so you can tell if a connection is made or not.


Thanks, that’s what I suppose.
Changing the source is a difficult issue, imagine to set colors, compile, test and you have to try a different one… Neverending story…