Trace copper covering component holes


I’m new to circuit design and Fritzing. I’ve created my PCB and am ready to export a PDF for home etching. However when I export I notice all of my through holes are filled (to put it another way there is no holes for drilling). It seems this happens automatically whenever I try to change the shape of a trace. I want my traces to be curved so when I bend the shape of a straight line the hole is automatically filled.


Can you post a screenshot? This would make it much easier to understand the issue. Thanks!

Hey Andre,
Here is what I mean. As soon as you bend the trace the trace copper covers the hole. It’s a strange bug.

Here is another issue. If I double click a trace anywhere on my project it will drag and bend the previous trace I was working on over to where I’m currently working. Seems like a bug as well. In this screen shot I have just double clicked the trace connected to C13. As you can see it somehow selects the trace above.

Does anyone have a quick fix for this? It seems like if there was just an option to “clear copper from all vias” that would be a great thing.

Hi Andre,
I attached a screen shot but think I forgot to reply directly to your question. Oops.