Tiva C LaunchPad TM4C123GXL


Tiva C TM4C123G.fzpz (38.2 KB)


Not a bad part, but it has a number of problems. When I started to clean it up I discovered there is already a TM4C123GXL part which looks (as far as I can see) identical done about a year ago. I cleaned it up some, but was apparently lazy and didn’t do it completely. I will fix it up to be a core level part and repost it. In your part the main user visible error I see is the j4 / j2 labels in breadboard (and possibly the underlying pin numbers) don’t match the board shown in


the first one is correct, but the rest are backwards PB2 PF3 instead of PF3 PB2 as in the pdf and the other part. Schematic isn’t aligned on .1 boundaries and pcb doesn’t have the correct hole size for header pins (it looks like I didn’t do anything with pcb on the original part, so it is likely wrong too).


I have posted a core ready version of this part in this thread. You should be able to do a delete minus and swap the new part in to your present sketches as the pin numbering matches your current part (there are just a few more of them for the extra debug pads). The part can be found in this thread: