Thumwheel pot design

Hi community !!! my name is Pol, and this is my first post !! I’m a newbee with Fritzing and I’m fighting to find a fzpz design for an A103 thumbwheel potentiometer. Here is the only information I have :

Would it be easy for a proud Fritzing Knight(ess) :wink: to create that ? That would be awesome !!!

A google search of the form “fritzing part thumbwheel pot” turns up a number of hits. In general there are an infinite number of pots and make a new part for each is impractical.


yes… should be like this… but there is nothing for this model… I’ve been searching for two days…

Then your choices are change to one of them that has a Fritzing part (what I would do …) or modify an existing part to match what you want (much harder.) As noted there are an infinite number of these and it is not worth making custom parts for all of them.


Hi Peter ! thanks a lot for your precious aid ! It worked !! it was easy to use some already existing !!

i think is A103 thumbwheel and used for radio, tape recorder, repeater, MP3, and mush more thnak for share image.