Three features for parts

Fritzing is a fantastic product guys, many thanks for all the work. Here are three wishes from me that I think would make custom part design slightly easier, especially for the occasional non-0.1in part you may be forced to use.

  1. Having non-electrical ‘fixing’ pins in breadboard view. These would allow you to have a part that snaps to and locates to grid as now, but without the ability to accidentally connect wires to it or the annoying green / red connection dot.

  2. Having connected and non-connected ‘holes’ on parts in breadboard view (for stripboards) much as with PCB view;

  3. Being able to choose an arbitrary pin (electrical, non-electrical or hole, see above) as the snap point for the part, not just pin0. For placing non-0.1in parts onto strip board, you often want to locate correctly from one pin (usually the middle pin) then ‘coerce’ connections to the other pins by drilling additional holes, solder bridging or whatever. Because the middle pin is rarely pin 0, this requires fudging the pin numbers in the part.