This program is a piece of ****

It crashes continually in windows 10. It’s not intuitive, user friendly or easy to use. It’s a total piece of s**t!

I’m running it on Windows 10 Pro and Home and don’t have any crashing problems. Are you getting any error messages? Does it happen when doing something specific?

Ya, It could use some help in the UI being Intuitive but once you get used to it it’s not to bad. Maybe ask some questions unless you’ve found something else you like better.

It does sometimes keep a screw up forever once screwed up. What I do (and when it hangs because of bad new parts) is clear the two Fritzing user directories (note that this will destroy all your sketches and parts so you may just want to move the directories aside rather than delete them!). They are


(which is a hidden directory so you need to have show hidden directories set in explorer) and

c:\Users\user_name\My Documents\Fritzing

(where username is your windows account name). Deleting and reinstalling Fritzing doesn’t touch these directories (to preserve user data during upgrades) but if you delete or move them aside Fritzing will recreate them and hopefully work better. If it doesn’t I’d suggest uninstalling the Fritzing and reinstalling in case you have a bad install but I’m thinking something is probably corrupted in the user directories.

What a total moron, no electronic design program is intuitive. This is not a MS office world where every program has similar buttons. You can have 30 years experience with $7K worth of Altuim and still not be able to jump to another EDA without watching tutorials, or else you will be fumbling around for days. Dave from EEVblog couldn’t jump from Altium to KiCad without fumbling around for hours. If you are such and expert why are you even looking at Fritzing. Either grow a brain and work it out or go somewhere else.

I have to agree, here. There is simply no call for a message such as the OP’s. If the person don’t like it, then use something else… That simple.

I have about three hours into the software and half of that was making vector art for a custom part. I found it pretty easy to use after watching a few videos, not sure if it is different on windows to ubuntu.

I think that the OP may have interrupted the parts update in initial install (which freezes with no indication it is doing anything for quite a while) and corrupted the parts database. After that nothing except deleting the user directories is likely to do much, including removing and reinstalling the software. I can understand his frustration if that’s what happened (and he won’t have seen any of the good features yet). I guess we will know if he ever comes back and tells us if something worked :slight_smile: or has just written Fritzing off.


A recipe: essential ingredients for successful Fritzing:

  1. Add 500 tonnes of patience.
  2. Add 5 installations, swiftly broken.
  3. Add one forehead, beaten vigorously against the wall.
  4. Add a liberal sprinkling of swearing
  5. Add an even bigger sprinkling of swearing
  6. Stir in arcane spice of XML and SVG.
  7. Knead in several litres of lubricating genius oil from the forums.
  8. Carefully decant the mixture with flame-proof tongs into a bomb-proof box and place at the centre of your life.
  9. Leave for many hours until your day job shrinks into insignificance.
  10. Remember it is all worth it, because nobody else out there is doing anything remotely as good that is Open Source and free.

**In other words: If you can’t code something better - don’t call it **.

“It crashes continually in windows 10.”

I think you may have found the main issue right there. Try uninstalling and replacing your operating system with something more user friendly

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