This app can’t run on your PC - Windows 10

Hi all,
Having ‘donated’, downloaded and unzipped the 0.9.4 Win 10 version of Fritzing, I get this message when trying to run the exe:
This app can’t run on your PC find a version for your PC,check with the software publisher

The name of the zip file tells me the this is a 64-bit application.
I’m running Win 10 on a 32-bit machine.
Is this my problem?

Am I stuck using the previous version in that case? (0.9.3b)

Thanks for any help.

While I’m not sure I think that is correct, that the 0.9.4 release is 64bit only. The 0.9.3b version (which is fairly close to 0.9.4, there are only a handful of fixes as it was a test for the new tool chain) does come on 32 and 64 bit versions. I think it may have been decided to be obsolete, but if there are enough requests it may come back. It may be that there is not a 32 bit machine available for testing/creating a 32 bit version in the tool chain setup as most machines these days are 64bit. I’d suggest opening an issue on github here to see if the 32 bit version is going to be available in later releases:


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That build process is all on virtual machines, from what I read. A 32bit vm can run on a 64 bit host. That said, some of the current tools/dependencies needed to do the build itself may only run on 64 bit machines. Since they were brought to modern versions.

A couple of years ago when I managed to finally successfully build libgit2 on Windows, I moved on to trying the 32bit build (I have an old laptop that is 32bit and started there.) At that point the 32bit Qt version died in install and had been complained about but apparently not fixed for about 6 months. If that is still true, that would be a show stopper as I think (but like most things know little about Qt installs :slight_smile: ) the 32 bit Qt version is needed even to cross compile. I expect @KjellM is the only one that could say for sure why the 32 bin version was dropped. Too much work for too little gain would seem like a likely answer, but I don’t really know.


Hello, the same thing happens to Sikiwi, I have paid for the program and my Windows is 32b. The problem is that I don’t have the previous version and I can’t use it. Any ideas to download a version that does work with Windows 10/32 ?.

You should be able to (but I see from a check can’t) download the 0.9.3b Windows 32 bit version (because there is one.) @KjellM : Can we reinstate the 0.93.b Win32 tar ball on the download web site for those with 32 bit machines? So far there are only a few changes between 0.9.3b and 0.9.4 so this will help in the short term.


All old versions are available on the same download page as the 0.9.4 release, even back to 0.8 versions of Fritzing. You just have to scroll down, the 0.9.3b Windows version is 32 bit. Although this is the same layout since about 2012 or even longer, I see it might need improvement.

I am working on the webpage at top priority, including a migration of all the databases, so it takes a while. I’d rather work on the app itself. I think I can add in 32 bit support again at least for windows 10 in 0.9.5, but the website really needs updates and a new tech stack first.

Ah! I see my error, I saw the windows (64 bit) but missed the windows (which is the 32bit version that the OP should use) next to it. Sorry about that.

0.9.3b > June 2, 2016 > 5450487 downloads:

As I mentioned in another thread in here, the last time (a couple of years ago now) that I tried to build a 32bit Windows version the Qt install for 32 bit Windows had been broken and complained about for about 6 months, don’t know if it got fixed or not. It is possible if you are familiar enough with Qt (which I am not) you can work around that and they thus figured it wasn’t worth fixing. I agree the priority probably needs to be to update the infrastructure as much as we would like to work on the app!