Thick coloured lines in SCH

What is the convention of the thick coloured lines in this SCH that is connected to multiple pins. Like does it mean they are groupings of individual traces, because the yellow one looks weird.

The guy doesn’t give you the full design files, even though he says it’s open source, so I have to do the design again and hack what I want. And because he said, “Please note the Rabbit ECU is a shield product that needs either an Arduino Due or ECUHost V1.4 controller that needs to be purchased separately.” and I can see both in the SCH and don’t need the ECUHost V1.4 controller, I want to delete all of it.

They look to be bus connectors (in the normal EDA sense instead of Fritzings :slight_smile: ). Each thick line contains all the connections (it looks like 6 or more on your yellow line) which can break out as individual connections at other points on the board which looks like what is happening here. So you need to use the labels to figure out where the connection comes out. The labels should match on both ends of the connection.


I’m not very good at these things so I didn’t know if it was one of those one wire things that send pulses to control stuff, ie neopixel. So just run individual traces to pins with the same label.

Yep that should do it. Finding them all may be exciting though, it isn’t very readable :slight_smile: .


Wish me luck.:grinning:

What we learnt today.:joy:

Don’t duplicate a net label and change the name, or FZ will think it’s the same thing and connect the 2. It won’t let you delete the ratsnest without disconnecting the pin, but a save and reopen fixes it.

Is there a quicker way to delete 90 px’s.

I did them individually and forgot something, and now have to do it all again.

I only had to do 3 redo’s, so it was only 210 px’s to delete.:roll_eyes:

This is depressing, 8 hours and only 3 parts laid out. You have to make/mod every part, and because there is no part standards every part is made differently and needs a different solution. It’s like learning part making all over again for every part.
I don’t think FZ is the EDA for this, ie, modern SMD circuits, so now I’m thinking I have to switch to KiCAD.