The size of the LEDs do not correspond to reality

The size of 5mm LEDs, measuring with the Fritzing ruler, in reality is 6mm. So the LED 3mm measuring 4mm. Because?

The dome part is supposed to be the measurement, with the flange being 1mm bigger, ie 6mm, 4mm. Cost cutting Chinese parts are 0.5mm bigger, ie 5.5mm and 4.5mm.

FZ uses the max to ensure interference fitments because it’s safer.

I have to file down rect LEDs to make the 5mm width to fit on a 0.100" PCB because of poor manufacturing tolerances, it’s up to you to make the final call.

I have to create a PCB that has as reference the holes where you insert the LED, I measure the distance between the holes with a gauge and carry them on Fritzing by the ruler but the Fritzing LEDs have different sizes. What do you recommend? Create custom LED with Inkscape?

Is this in PCB view?

In FZ if you put a line of LEDs in a row on a 0.100" (2.54mm) spacing they will overlap, which shouldn’t be a problem because you ignore it and just file the flange down in real life where they touch.

If you are making a custom PCB and don’t need the 0.100" spacing you set the grid to a bigger spacing, or move the LED in the Inspector with X, Y cords.

The other option is a custom part, like you said. PCB shouldn’t be that hard because you only have to mod the silkscreen.

Thanks for the answers. Again I ask your help. I created the custom LED 3mm and 5mm, and can not see the edges. Can you tell me why? I attach the files.

You have to select all in the svg editor, and resize page to selection.

Basically it looks like the page is smaller than the image.

I tried to increase the area of the page but the result does not change.

Upload it here and i’ll have a look.

I updated the link above. Thanks for the support.

You just have to raise the circle path6329 to the top.

You should also rename layer1 to silkscreen, just for convention.