The problems when using LM358AP as a comparator

When I used LM358AP as a comparator and the output end was connected to an enhanced mos tube, the voltage at the output end was decreased. What is the reason for this situation? After disconnecting the irf530, the voltage at the output end was 0V, and when connected, it became about 3.5V. At this time, the mos tube was heating up too much. The 12 halogen lamps with 12V and 20W were connected in series, the voltage of the positive end was about 5.7V, and the power supply uses a battery with a voltage of 52V. How to connect the comparator with the mos tube to output 0V and 10.9V instead of dropping little by little.
I replaced the mos tube with a reed relay, the reed relay was driven by the output end and the other end of it is grounded. But the voltage at the output end of 7812 was low and the voltage at the output of the comparator was also very low.
If you follow the link to learn more information about LM358AP, you can solve this problem quickly.

The link you attempted to include did not work. The general description indicates that your circuit is “loading” the output. You may need to add a buffer / driver between them.

After I reduced the voltage of 7812, it became normal. The reason why this situation occurs is that the voltage of 50V is too high, resulting in the comparator turning off after adding positive feedback.