The part images are too big and cumbersome to fit many in a reasonable space

I’m trying to create a design using the stripboard but the parts are too big and don’t conform to the shape they will be in actual use. If the virtual stripboard doesn’t match reality, there’s not much point in planning it this way. Can anyone advise?

Like this…

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Thanks very much but how did you get the resistors to be smaller? I see a drop box called “pin spacing” and it seems to have no effect when changed.

I created this mini resistor for another Fritzing user. It cannot be imported as a .fzpz because it uses the same parts generator scripts as the standard resistor. The resistor values can be changed but the pcb footprint cannot. If you want a different footprint you will need to edit the .fzp.

Copy and place this “resistor_mini.fzp” in the .fzp folder /Fritzing/parts/user.
resistor_mini.fzp (3.3 KB)

Copy and place this “resistor_220_mini.svg” in the .svg folder /Fritzing/parts/svg/user/breadboard.

You will need to close and restart Fritzing for it to take effect. Drag a resistor on to the board. You will find the mini resistor in the Inspector drop down list under package, labeled “THT mini”.

You can then set the value of the mini resistor and duplicate as many minis as you would like.

Thanks again, Steelgoose. They should really make that “pin spacing” dropbox do something or remove it from the UI!

The core resistor is written into the script somewhere… it is a generated part. The mini resistor implements the color band, and value features but I could not get the pin spacing to work with the mini resistor. I did request it added to the core parts… in that case all the features, including pin spacing would be available.

The pcb pin spacing is in the core parts… you can change that in the .fzp to whatever pcb.svg pin spacing you would like.

why can’t you just use a real stripboard if the virtual one is too small?

just asking.

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Why did they bother developing Fritzing at all? Why don’t we just use real breadboard instead? The advantages of using a computer should be obvious; I covered them in highschool IT classes.

Incidentally, the problem is not that the stripboards are too small (they can in fact be set to any custom size). The problem is that the components are so large that they occlude each other regardless of the size of the stripboard, perfboard or breadboard.

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This is an open source project… parts are made up by many different people, some are good parts and some not so good. Many of the parts were made up for their own use and just shared with others. The parts you need may be some where, just not in the Fritzing library. Could be in this forum or someplace else. It is too bad that we can’t get all the parts in a single place and catalog them where it would be easy for people to find them…

The perfboard and stripboard aren’t perfect in BB view, so someone should make them for PCB view so everything will be dimensionally perfect.

I think you can make one yourself with vias and straight traces, just haven’t tried as I etch my own boards.