Text in code window is teeny!

I’m a professional embedded software engineer, but I have only just discovered Fritzing and I would like to use it as a tool to teach kids. Unfortunately I am having a weird problem that is making it unusable.

The text size in the code window is insanely small. It is so small I cannot possibly read it! I cannot even see it! The only reason I can tell that there is anything there at all is that if I paste multiple lines of code into the editor and then highlight it, I can see a pattern of very fine, highlighted lines.
I have pasted 1000 lines of code into the editor and I cannot see any of it. Then when I highlight all I can see approximately 10cm of very fine, blue, highlighted lines.

Does anyone know how I might remedy this problem?


On which operating system and which Fritizing version?
On Win7 it appears fine:

There have been some issues on linux about font size (although in inspector rather than the code window) though. As well it used to be my opinion that the code window was not working (as it wasn’t supposed to be when development stopped in 2016), but someone lately made it work successfully by editing java code somewhere on arch linux. I haven’t yet gotten to trying that on Windows yet though. Apparently you can run the full IDE from within Fritzing (I had understood it would only load code, not modify it.)