Text doesn't fit in pull down menus of inspector


I’m trying to use Fritzing under Linux Mint 17.4 Cinnamon, but I’m having a small issue with the gui. In the inspector the text in the pull down menus is only half visible. It doesn’t fit. Also when I open such a pull down menu the selected item in the menu is not readable due to the color beiing almost the same as the background.
Here’s a screenshot to show what I mean.

At “pcb laag” I opened a pull down menu. You can only read “onder”. The other option has the same color as the background.
The fields “pins”, “pakket” and so on show the issue with the font that doesn’t fit.
I can’t find a setting anywhere to change this. Is there any?

I know exactly what you are saying with the faded items in the drop down box. I’m also using Linux and I don’t know if it is different in the Windows version or not.

Nah, Windows works fine.

You mean the drop down windows don’t have an unreadable text or number?

The English Windows v9.3 is fine.

I pull that header and pcb layer drop-down says bottom and top.

I think you can cheat if you just want to put it on the bottom layer. Just select bottom layer on the bottom red bar layer button, and pull the part in.

I’ve just installed this (0.9.3) to try out on a Ubuntu based 16.04 LTS x64 system (no high-res screen) which has been stable since 16.04 was launched and have the same problem over a year past the original post. This was last night so am looking for how your guys do bug tracking etc.

I develop with QT (among other things) and see pretty much the same type of behaviour QT exhibits on other machines including the scroll in the about box hitching every half a second. I’ll look at the source but really at first glance, this appears to be a common layout issue for QT. The drop box control needs needs to be bigger. Even a smaller font won’t display right as the control has margins around the border. Here is a screenshot if I don’t get to it.

The source is on github and has bug tracking there. At present we don’t have a lot of (perhaps no) active developers and the current head doesn’t build correctly (I think because of version lag). That said I don’t see the problem, my copy of 9.3b on Ubuntu 16.04 (installed via the tar ball from the Frtizing site) appears to work the same as Windows but I may be missing something. I do know that Fritzing is using QT5.6 which is old at this point, perhaps yours is finding a newer version? I’m poking at development (that is what the Ubuntu system is for), but am not a developer so if you are experienced with QT and interested that would be wonderful :slight_smile: . The major problem with head (other than the git2 library being too old I think) is that gerber generation is broken by a large update that seems to have some problems (and no one apparantly working on them).