Terminalblock - TDPT 2,5/ 4-SP-5,08

Name of the part
1017505 - terminalblock TDPT 2,5/ 4-SP-5,08

Top view

The official documentation of the part manufacture is linked here:

Please add a link to PDF of the manufacturers datasheet

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Not sure

For future reference, what is needed is a data sheet with the pcb footprint (which isn’t in the data sheet you provided) like this from digikey

specifically the drawing on page 6 which gives the layout and positioning of the pins.

from that I made this part which may do what you want. I was lazy and didn’t do a 3d representation in breadboard but rather the easier flat version (I can change it to 3d if you need it for something though.) I am assuming the 2 pins connect together internally in this part.

phoenix-1017505.fzpz (4.0 KB)