Teensy LC part for Fritzing

Hi all, im using a Teensy LC in a project and didn’t find a Fritzing part for it. Did anyone build one? The Teensy 3.x are quite uncomfortable to use because the pins don’t connect to the breadboard. I would create/edit myself but no experience …

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Sorry for the late reply…
The core parts has female pins, so the part not connecting to breadboard.

Check this… If it works…
Teensy 3.1.fzpz (17.1 KB)

Thanks a lot. I already figured out that you can just change the connectors to male. I compared the teensy with the Arduino nano in the board editor and then changed it on the teensy accordingly.

I decided to undertake making this part, after all, how hard could it be?

Half way through making it, I decided it was too much work, since I didn’t need the part myself. But I stuck with it since I had already spent time on it.

I created a new teensy breadboard svg and changed/edited the schematic view svg. There is a slight difference in the pin outs and I think I fixed those. While making these changes, I noticed the 2nd row (from top) of 4 connectors on the left side were not spaced correctly. They are 0.015 inch off in the vertical axis, so I corrected that. The pcb view svg is off as well on those connectors, so I fixed that too. As was, I would think it would produce a pcb where those 4 pins wouldn’t exactly line up.

I think I have everything correct, but if another forum user could run it thru the parts checker script, I would appreciate it.


Teensy-LC.fzpz (21.2 KB)