TEA5767 SMD Module

It is my first part that I created using inkscape, so don’t expect a lot!. Also if you find some errors please report me.TEA5767 module SMD.fzpz (6.3 KB)

Hello! Welcome to Fritzing!

Now to the point, the module is perfect on all views, all connector have names (which is great!) and everything fit on the 0.1" fritzing grid.

But it’s an IC (more pin connector that default one), instead of this one:

So I am not sure what part you were trying to achieve :blush:

he was actually trying for this module from a previous thread:


which would be fairly easy to make as it only has 4 pins with some cut and paste for the breadboard view. If you would like to practice your part creation, feel free … It appears there was a fritzing part for this at some point but I don’t see a source for it now (which is unfortunatly all too common).


I found the frizting part on github but clearly, it isn’t similar enought to the image I posted. :disappointed_relieved:

If you unzip the .fzz file and export the part in fritzing, you will see what I mean.
Arduino Module

Assuming this is the one with the polumo motor driver as breadboard (I’m too lazy to download it and look), yes I saw and ignored that. If you google for tea5767 you will find a fritzing image with a correct looking part on the instructables.com site but the frizting part doesn’t appear to be available.