Tactile Switch Sparkfun 5x12.5mm

Hi team, really enjoying using Fritzing.

Struggling to create what I hope is a basic part for this tactile switch. https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10302 (specs are here: http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/Buttons/TSA12110%20TACT%20SWITCH.jpg)

Unfortunately the user contrib section only has the smaller sparkfun switch.

Any help in creating this part would be appreciated.


Hello and welcome to the forum!

It appears that switch is include with fritzing, or at least I have it on my system. I found it by searching for ‘tactile’ in the part’s search box. I browsed thru the results, looking at the data in the inspector panel. The switch’s name is ‘SWITCH-MOMENTARY-2’ and in the inspector panel it lists it as family - ‘sparkfun push button’. The variant is - ‘12mm’, and the package is - ‘tactile-pth-12mm’.

In the breadboard view, it appears as a switch mounted on a breakout board that lines up with breadboard’s connections. The PCB footprint matches that of the data you posted.

If you can’t find the part, let me know, and I’ll export it and post it for you.

Hope this helps,

@just_randy - thanks so much! You are right - this will totally work (PCB dimensions are correct!)

Key lessons for me

  1. key to search for the right term (I’d always used switch which meant this was much more hidden)
  2. the breadboard view is slightly different (it has the green board (I guess through hole/PTH) but the PCB dimensions are correct (only 2 of the holes are connected, but that will work ;-))

Really appreciate your help,

As well Sparkfun has their own Fritzing parts repository on github and the part you want may (or may not :slight_smile: ) be in there so that is also a good place to check.