Tactile reset switch r87

Does anyone has a fritzing pasrt of the tactile reset switch r87?

Don’t see one. It is easy enough to make one given sufficient information, but the two ebay listings don’t have sufficient information. It looks like 6 pins, likely 4 for the switch (same as a standard tactile switch) and two for the led. I would need the spacing on the various pins and the internal connections (led cathode anode and which switch pins are common) to make a part and that isn’t obvious from the listings and google doesn’t find a data sheet.


ok, i know it fits on a prototype board.
Ik will measure it tomorrow.

The number of holes between the pins and to the edge of the switch should do the trick.


Found the manufacturer and a data sheet on a similar switch from the photo on ebay at:


that should be enough to make a part. It is a PB86 series and seems to have two extra pins, but I expect the spacing will be the same on the PB87.


This should do what you want. As always print out the footprint and check it against a real part before ordering boards. Note the little holes that look like pads are in fact going to be holes on the real board, so you can’t run traces across them and have it work. I’m assuming the data sheet is view from the top, it it is not the footprint will be wrong.

r87-tactile-Pushbutton.fzpz (7.9 KB)


That’s him. Great. Thank you !!!