T6 AC servo from oyostepper wiring and code problem

Hello, this is my first post on this Forum … Sorry if I make mistakes :nerd_face:
Has anyone tried to wire an arduino to a T6 AC servo motor like this one :smile:

My idea was to connect on the CN1 port like below :

driver PUL+ connected to arduino Pin 9
driver PUL- connected to arduino GND
driver DIR+ connected to arduino Pin 8
driver DIR- connected to arduino GND

and try this code to begin :

const int pin8 =8;  // DIR+ driver
const int pin9 =9;  // Pulse+ driver

void setup() {
pinMode (pin8,OUTPUT);
pinMode (pin9,OUTPUT);
void loop() {
digitalWrite(pin8, HIGH);
tone(pin9,500);  // 500 = speed by pulse?? what should be the right number to begin with (maximum bandwidth of the driver is 750KHZ)?

Does that code could works ?
Can we also imagin using arduino accelStepper library to control velocity of this T6 series AC servo Motor?