Switec X27 stepper motor

I found this really nice switec x27 stepper motor for fritzing, but it doesn’t have any drilled holes for the pcb. Can someone help with those? It should have 4 holes for the contact, 2 larger holes and then 2 holes for screws. It is beyond me to do this.StepperMotor-X27-168v1.fzpz (5.6 KB)

Actually you should be able to do this for yourself. Two of the holes look to be in place (the copper rings). For them you only need to drag hole from core pcb view and center it over the pad and adjust its size to match the hole you want. For the other two just drag a hole of the appropriate size to the appropriate positions (there is a pdf with dimensions on their web site). Hole will cause a hole (no copper) to be drilled in the board.