SVG not displayig in Parts Editor

I have an SVG that the parts editor doesn’t display the graphics when i select “load image …” in the parts editor. The page border of the image is shown as a highlighted area in the parts editor window, but the graphics do not show. The graphic is a 3D drawing which was exported from solidworks to a .AI format, then imported into inkscape and saved at plain SVG. I do not get any error messages. Does anyone have experience pulling graphics from Solidworks into a format the parts editor will open?

I’m new to this community and havent figured out how to post my file, but i am happy to share it if someone would take a look.



Conversions are always a problem… could be anyone of a number of things.

Save the part then export part and post the part.fzpz here and I will take a look at it.

It appears to be working now. not sure why, i didnt change anything, just came back to it after a few weeks. it was a test part to see if i can get images out of a cad program for the breadboard. thanks for the interest.