SVG formats and PCB layers

In the old parts editor documentation, it strongly recommends using plain SVG when saving from inkscape. Is this still the recommended format please? I have been creating a number of SVGs for parts, all in Inkscape SVG format, with no problems so far, but I intend to share them via git and want to make sure they are OK.
Also, what z-order should my PCB layers be in? I am sure I saw a page the other day that gave me the the order thye had to be in, but I cannot find it now.

Yes, plain SVG is still the recommended format. As far as order… some layers don’t make any different what order they are in. The layers are separated into the various views. The one thing you want to do is to test out all the connecting wires in all the views, check the air wires in all the view, rotate and check the name and numbers that they remain in the proper place… especially the schematic view. In other words, if everything test out ok, then it is good…

Gah! I nearly have the servo parts ready for upload / pull request, but the stupid connector numbers have a mind of their own when I rotate the schematic part. How do I persuade them to follow the wire they belong to? All the others behave OK.

Solved it myself - you have to use the recommended font sizes, in points, for the rotation and flipping to work reliably!

In your schematic.svg you will see the xml element, baseProfile=“tiny”, it is my understanding that this is required for your rotation and flipping. Depending on how your text is anchored, you will sometimes find the xml element, text-anchor=“middle”, generally you will see this on names so that the text rotates in the middle. Sometimes it gets kind of crazy as you have already found out. It will do strange thing depending on the location of the test and drive you nuts trying to figure it out.

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