Suggestion for code section

I would like to see option to have raspberry pi pico in the coding which would be python based as this is a easy to learn coding and could be helpful for new people of course this is just my suggestion

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It should already be possible to put python in the code tab. It is just not possible to ‘execute’ it from there. For the microcontroller based python implementations I am aware of, the device is configured as a usb flash drive, and the python to be run is put in a file in a specific location on the flash drive. There is no way I know of to directly run python code from something like the code tab of fritzing. The code needs to be copied to a file on the device. It should be possible to create a tool that does the copying, instead of needing to do the copy and paste.

Mirco Merlin what I mean is it would be nice if in the code section you could select something other then the 2 current arduino or the PiCaxe offer a options to add more to that sections