Students tryout version?

Hi guys; I’m teaching a group of 18 year olds in Robotics and would like to use fritzing in a few lessons. Is there something like a school license I could buy or does every student have to buy his/her own copy of the software? Thank you, Dani

I was wondering this myself.

It seems you can still download older versions, which I’ve been using for ages w/o issues.

I’m a little torn on paywalled downloads because I’ve been that starving student AND the open source dev squeaking by on donations. (the starving student phase was good practice for the starving dev phase)

Since Fritzing is open source, or quasi-open, and free to download and compile on your own it seems like paying for one download which provides an installer would be sufficient for the class.

That said, if you or your students end up using it much it’s well worth the price.

Thank you for your thoughts. I indeed bought a (fresh) copy for the class.