Stripboard / Veroboard extension not working correctly

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:

Extended stripboard beyond the default value. The extended area is created as all tracks connected matrix, not strips.

What I expected should have happened instead:

Stripboard with strips appearing to extended area

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

Win 10 64 bit, 0.9.3b

Please also attach any files that help explaining this problem

It appears this is a redrawing issue. If you set the number of strips and then press the “set board size” button you get a messed up strip board. To fix it change it from stripboard to perfboard in the inspector right below the “set board size” button and then change it back to stripboard and it makes what you wanted in the first place.

Indeed, I can confirm the redraw issue fix above. It works, thanks a lot!

Not at all related but is there a library available for simple, top-down silkscreen-like components for PCB / Strip board? I mean for example regulators and electrolytic caps are now displayed as wysiwyg fashion and they take a lot more real estate than they really do on board. This increases the board size unnecessarily. If they would simply be top-down silkscreen shapes I could lay them out in a smaller area. Anybody catch my idea?

You pay a price for the highly visible BB view, and that is that nothing is easy. For top down views in BB you have to draw that view and add it to the BB of an existing part, if available.

FZ was probably designed as a BB EDA and they just added strip/pref board as an afterthought, because they have lots of problems, i.e. resistors can’t be shrunk smaller than 0.400".

Thank you for your answer. I figured that as well. You get what you pay for and so on. FZ is a great tool which has already helped me a lot. Very thankful for the ppl who developed it.

The parts for PCB view are most often top down view with the exception of a few parts. For the parts that start in horizontal view in PCB view you can often change them to top view in the inspector (only for PCB view).

For breadboard view you can check this thread for some parts Are top down viewed components available in Fritzing?

If you are planning a board to be built on a stripboard and you are using the stripboard part in breadboard view I would suggest you move to PCB view. Then change the grid to 0.1" so it matches the stripboard. Then make sure it is set to snap to the grid. After that be sure to set your PCBs location in the inspector to 0,0 so the grid is aligned to the board on 0.1" centers. Now you can place the parts exactly where you want them on the stripboard and they take up the correct space that an actual component uses. I think a lot of the parts in Breadboard view are actually out of scale as they are there to represent a part artistically not physically.

sublimeartistry beat me by seconds :slight_smile: . The only thing I would add is that if you want more such parts (and there have been requests over time) someone needs to be willing to put in the effort to modify existing parts to be more breadboard friendly. There are no magic backroom elves here (at least not anymore :slight_smile: ), if we want things we need to be willing to make the effort to do them. In many ways pcb view is a better choice for doing perfboard work but I still like breadboard view because you can mix perfboard projects with modules from Ebay which doesn’t work as well in pcb view. There are also LEDs (round and square) and TO92 cases posted in the forums. Again, someone interested could gather them all and put them in a pull request on github to be included in core parts, but someone needs to be willing to supply the effort to do that.