Stripboard NOT using Top Down parts like PCB view

I went ahead and paid ​(v.9.4)​and spent two hours designing something that has proven to be frustrating. the cartoon like parts for stripboards is haphazard cartoonish looking parts that are frustrating to use​.While the software does have amazing features and useful in some regards​,​ I find​, ​IMO parts should be more closely resembling the PCB layout​ (true Top Down)​. The​ cartoon angled parts​ interfere with the view of other ​things on the board and ​are inflexible​,​ like standing up resistors not possible.​ Sure, I could change spacing (PCB view) but no-good for the cartoon part… cant hack in to it to fix as takes time away from my getting this proto up and running… ​ I had ​h​igh ​h​opes but I will not be using this for breadboard stripboard layout ​it seems. The cartoonish ​/​angled view not helpful. … PCB layout looks okay​, not what I bought it for​, but will use for this…

​ if ​/when a new version coming out with non​-​cartoon parts that are ​true ​top down view just like​ (PCB View)​ what it is in real word for perfboard creation​,​ I will be back to ​try again​ - Good luck thanks for listening.

If you search in the forums (or on google) for “top view” there are some parts (not in core) that have been made specifically for perfboard. Resistors, some LEDs, some capacitors perhaps others I’m not remembering, set up like pcb view. You can of course also make more (although that isn’t particularly easy.)