Stripboard cutter for Fritzing

First time using Fritzer - looks great and I can’t wait to get cracking. One thing I noticed is that Fritzer assumes you will break tracks between holes, whereas the normal practise is to break at a hole with a tool that looks roughly like a drill. I guess I could carefully cut a thin line with a dremmel etc between holes to break a track but it would be really fiddly and could solder bridge quite easily.

I must be missing something !

I don’t think you are missing anything. AFAIK this is how Fritzing works. It should be possible (but perhaps not easy, because the pads are the terminating point for connections) to delete the pad instead of the space between pads.


That would however need a code change which in turn would require a enhancement request on the Fritzing-app web site on github and developer time to do it if it is judged worthwhile doing.


You can probably get close to the effect you want, by deleting the wire on both sides of a pad. Then ‘drilling’ the pad will end up the same as cutting the 2 traces.

Thanks for the comments guys, I think I better understand how Fritzing approaches this now. Sadly, I suspect this renders the stripboard layout facility pretty much unworkable in everyday use. As far I am aware, the common practice in the rest of the industry is to use a simple hole cutter to interrupt a strip and almost never to try to cut a track between holes.

It would be quite interesting to know if anyone here has been able to use Fritzing for a stripboard project of any size. I guess its only in Beta and the schematic screen works pretty well, maybe PCB layout is the way to go for me, but I wanted to do a couple of quick prototypes first.

Some folks use pcb view for strip board layout (most usually to avoid larger than life components in breadboard view and to be able to get traces on the bottom layer.) That may work for what you want to do. Some parts in the forums here usually labeled topview, are set to stay within the limits of the part in breadboard which may also be useful.