Strain Gauge Module BF350-3AA

can someone help me create this part for fritzing i want to complete my final year project schematics

It is easy enough to make a part, however I can’t find the pinouts for the 3 connectors. I assume power, signal and ground, but in what order?

Edit: Assuming the pins match another board I found on the net this should do what you want. If the pins are not in the correct order, post the correct one and I will change them.

BF350.fzpz (22.6 KB)


hey peter, thanks for your help that is absolutely correct one. the pinouts you used are correct. many thanks my friend

No problem, that is a modification to a part that I had already made for someone else so easy to do (at least for me, not so much for someone new to parts creation). The hardest part was finding information on the modules :slight_smile: