Store Fritzing Files in Github


Does Fritizing have some sort of text based file storeage system behind the scenes? I was thinking it could be cool to take a file like that and put it in GitHub in the same repo as the firmware for our project.


Fritzing uses ziped xml files.
When switching from non zipped files (.fz) to zipped files (.fzz) for backward compatibility reasons also a method was included to open the old .fz files. But I don’t know if this is still in the code and working with uncompressed .fzz files.
But you can try and if it works upload the unzipped .fz files to github.

Hey Alex,
Do you mean connecting / uploading / export to github from within fritzing? If yes, then it might be an idea to move this to the wishlist

It would also be cool if integration with would be possible some day.

A federated option is that perhaps more future proof? (decentralised like

This pull-request was just merged!

Yes, a way to upload it to github, so that way our schematic can ‘live’ next to the code.

Thank you for updating it!