STM32407VG Discovery Fritzing Folder

Hi Friends!

Im new at using Fritzing. I need STM32407VG Fritzing folder to use it. I serch on google but I could not find any ready folder. Can anyone share it with me? Thank you!

It doesn’t appear there is a fritzing part (at least a search for “fritzing part stm32f4discovery” doesn’t turn one up.) There is a good mechanical drawing available in one of the ST manuals, but it is a complex part and will take a lot of time to make.


The exercise gods have smiled on you (if not on me.) Since I come in muscles aching and brain mush, making parts is about all I’m good for, with the result a part for this device is almost finished.


The part:

STM32407VG-Discovery.fzpz (25.4 KB)

There is no pcb view as it doesn’t appear useful for anything (and is more work.) There is one thing missing (because I am too lazy to do the typing): the descriptions in the fzp file. To correct that you would need to unzip the .fzpz file and edit part.STM32407VG-Discovery_1.fzp with a text editor. In there

  <connector id="connector0" type="male" name="">

needs to change to

  <connector id="connector0" type="male" name="GND">

where the GND in name came from the pin in schematic. If you hover over the pin it will give you a display such as

STM32407VG Discovery

when you hover over the pin circled in red here in schematic if Fritzing:

This is somewhat confusing as the pin number (1 in Fritzing) is actually one less (so connector0) in the fzp file. But basically you want to enter all 116 labels in to the fzp file, save it and then rezip all the files in to a .fzpz file. Then when you hover over a pin you should get the pin number 1 and the description of the pin (GND in this case.) It won’t hurt anything if you don’t do this, the pins just won’t have labels. The pins marked ? I don’t know what they do. They appear to have headers, but there is no description of what they are for nor can I find them in the schematic.