SST39FV080 TSOP 40 footprint / part

Hi, I need to add a SST39VF080 (tsop40 package) to my project but I’m unable to find/create the footprint, anybody can help with the correct part of a TSOP40 package IC ? Thanks in advance. Best regards

This part should do what you want. You need to reduce the DRC rules to make it pass though the 0.5mm pitch won’t pass the default DRC rules.


replace it with the correct part …

SST39VF080.fzpz (8.8 KB)


Hi Peter, it is TSOP48, I need TSOP40 , 40 pins, thanks

Sorry, I have a sst39vf3201c (48 tsop) as well and grabbed the wrong part. I just replaced the one above with the correct one!


many thanks for your help