Square 40-pin IC

I’m looking to use an NXP PN532 chip. It is HVQFN40 Heatsink Very thin Quad Flat package;
40 pins, plastic, body 6 x 6 x 0.85 mm. Essentially it is a square 40-pin IC with pins on all four sides.

Does anyone know of anything similar?
Are there any square ICs that I could modify?

Thank you in advance.

There appears to be an eagle footprint (there isn’t one in the datasheet) here:


Given that it isn’t hard to make a new svg using Inkscape and then a new part. If you haven’t made parts before it may be easiest to get one of us to do it for you. Parts creation takes a while to learn.



Thank you. I’ll have a crack at producing one myself. It’s good to learn new things.