Sparkfun power jack

I am trying to place the barrel power jack on my breadboard but i seems to make mistakes according to the design check, but I can’t resolve it and need some help. Here is the errors list:
^art Power Jack 'J1 ’ is overlapping (bottom layer) ^art Wire ‘Wire3887’ Is overlapping (top layer) Part Power Jack ‘J1’ is overlapping (top layer)
Part Wire ‘Wire3906’ is overlapping (top layer) Part Power Jack 'IV is overlapping (top layer)
Part Power Jack 'JV is overlapping (top layer)
and here the partial PCB

For future reference, uploading the sketch (the .fzz file, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) would make answering easier. That said this is trivial to reproduce. There are two problems, the more serious is the part is broken:

Here I ran DRC with no connections to the part, and it fails (indicating the part is broken.) Then I clicked on the first DRC entry which lights the offending overlap in yellow (the pad is overlapping the mounting hole.) Your best bet is to switch to one of the other barrel jacks which presumably don’t have this problem.

Here I dragged in an alternative SMD barrel jack (I am assuming you want an SMD barrel jack, there are also through hole barrel jacks in the list of options in the search!) Then ran DRC which passes indicating this part doesn’t have a problem.

Then I ran a wire to the header which is the second problem in you image and ran DRC again:

now DRC shows an overlap (colored in red) between the trace and the unused pin on the jack. That is the second (and fixable unlike the part) problem in your image. If you really need that particular barrel jack (because you have that particular Sparkfun part and don’t want to change to another) I can fix the part from core parts for you .


I just looked at Sparkfun part PRT-00119 which this claims to be, but it is not an SMD part (it is a standard Through hole part, at least currently) and thus this footprint won’t be correct for it even if it worked. I’d say your best bet is to select another part.


Thanks Peter!
I though that the parts in the library were all tested before to be there, my mistake…

They should have been, unfortunately that isn’t always true there are a number of parts with errors. Do you want a surface mount barrel connector or are you using a current PRT-00119 which is through hole? There is a Sparkfun Fritzing part that is through hole that was said to have been tested and works. I don’t know what Sparkfun part the “PRT-00119” you used is supposed to be to correct it. The Sparkfun parts were done in 2016, and so now may be out of date.


I am waiting for delivery of a one barrel with pins and will try the Sparkfun part with it:

Doesn’t look like any of the ones in core will match this. You will likely need a custom part for them (which I will post in a bit) at least (unusually for Amazon) they have a mechanical drawing which makes a part possible.


This part should do what you want. If you delete minus the current part you should be able to drag the new part in to your sketch then move the traces to remake the connections.

DC-power-jack-2_1mm.fzpz (5.7 KB)