SouthCo Latch R4-EM-9D2-150

Hi there, I got this latch motor im using and I tried making a part for it in fritzing but unsuccessfully.
I tried taking the J3 connector and adding it the latch in the background (the latch has a 6 pin Molex connector) but it doesn’t upload the svg properly or something. please help?
latch model : R4-EM-9D2-150
website :

The web site doesn’t appear to have enough information to do anything with. The cad drawing doesn’t show any connectors nor pin numbers. If you upload the part that you have (the .fzpz file) I’ll have a look at it. To make a part we would need a mechanical drawing of the part and the names and positions of the connectors.


I found a pdf that has the information, I’ll look it over.


is this what you need?

Yes, that is the pdf I found which has the necessary information. Here is a part which should do the job:

r4-em-9.fzpz (336.2 KB)