SOT-26 part for PCB

I am looking for a SOT-26 for PCB, does someone have one? :slight_smile:

Doesn’t appear to be one. If you have the data sheet for the part you want to make (preferably with a pcb footprint) I can make one.


Thank you Peter! It is a AL5802 but maybe I can use any SOT23-6 part?

8 pins is the minimum SMD package in core parts. There should be some 6 pin parts (such as optocouplers) but they may all be through hole. A google search for “fritzing part sot23-6” doesn’t turn up anything either. It is easy enough to make a AL5802 part in SOT23-6 though.

Here is a AL5802 part. It is tagged as SOT26 (which is what Diodes calls the package) so someone else that wants one should be able to find it with a google search.

AL5802.fzpz (4.3 KB)


Thank you so much! Do you also think you could add a relay? It has 14 pins, so I didn’t find one.

PS: Will this part added into the next update?

Not at present. Doing so would require me to submit a pull request against Fritzing-parts on github and github and I typically don’t get along well (also I have 2FA running for web access but not yet commit access which is another barrier.) For the relay try a google search of the form “fritzing part relay-part-number” (where relay-part-number is the part number of the relay. I have made a few in 14/16 dip with various configurations so one may already exist. Otherwise a datasheet for the relay you want would be needed to make a part.